Tuesday, September 24, 2013

thoughts on tuesday.

An important truth was illuminated for me last night as Justin & I discussed my current stress levels. We were walking the trail at Hugh MacRae Park, something Justin suggested & which I was eager for. 

"You're not taking enough time during the week to relax," he said. "You need to take it easy sometimes, instead of constantly working on school."

At first, I tried to defend the constant obsession with school, citing that my incessant working was the only way to produce the grades I've been making.

But as we put more & more of the trail behind us, I realized he was right. Running around like a crazy person all the time was, indeed, happening at the same time that good grades were happening. But, as I've been learning in school, correlation does not always equal causation.

In other words, the craziness was not, in itself, producing the good grades. And perhaps I can cut myself a little slack during the week (AND WEEKENDS) & still maintain the school standards I've set for myself.

So that's what I'm trying this week, starting today. Instead of freaking out about my A&P class & being able to be the one who can answer all of the teacher's questions, I just sat back & listened. And sat in a coffee shop beforehand, texting a dear friend, going through my email, & writing.

I've been so stressed because I haven't been focused on cultivating the kind of life I want to live. I've been micro-focusing, & in turn, absolutely obsessing over things that, in the big picture, do not matter.

There is a purpose in life, & I have my own role to play in that bigger purpose. That belief allows me the relief that I don't have to run myself ragged to fulfill my role.

Scaling back & making more time for myself & my loved ones - that is my main role right now. And I'm more than happy to fill it.

Monday, September 9, 2013

thoughts on monday.

I went to sleep last night, thinking today was magically going to be the day I felt compelled to actually get things done. I thought this the night before last, the night before that, & that night before that. For some reason, I've been in this spiral of not getting anything done, feeling bad about myself, & then... continuing not to get anything done. Procrastination at its worst. And procrastination is one of my biggest vices.

When I rose this morning, it wasn't when my alarm went off. It was basically at the last second - the latest I could get up without feeling ridiculously rushed. And I just sat there, wallowing in my crumminess, wallowing in my want to be better, to do better, & to feel better. And as I sauntered off to class, I didn't feel better. And when I sauntered off to the office to get my new parking decal, I didn't feel better. And when I finished my 2-mile walk at the trail, I didn't feel better. And even when I pulled into the Dunkin Donuts parking lot, I still didn't feel better, even with the prospect of dollar iced coffee on the immediate agenda.

But let me tell you something. At the moment I took the first sip of my dollar iced coffee, which the barista so ingeniously suggested I add a pump of pumpkin syrup to, a huge weight lifted off of me.

And, you know, I don't really think it has anything to do with the coffee, at its essence. I think, at its essence, this good feeling was produced by being kind to myself. Treating myself. Communicating love for myself.

I've been walking around with my negative attitude pointed inward. I've been hating on myself, & it certainly hasn't yielded pretty results. Being mean to one's self doesn't have to manifest itself in physical ways. You can be mean to yourself on the inside, & let me tell you, it's going to feel awful. And the bad thing is, you may not even recognize it for what it is. You may not even realize you're being mean to yourself... that you're being down on yourself.

Just a few minutes ago, I was reading a blog post, & the author was talking about how being kind to yourself is one of the best medicines there is. And today, I wholeheartedly agree with that sentiment. True, it sounds kind of corny... it sounds kind of cliche'... it sounds like a platitude. But believe me, when you feel that first burst of inward kindness, that first hey self, i actually do love you feeling, your mood is going to shift upward in a big way.

Whether or not pumpkin flavored coffee is involved, is up to you.

Sunday, September 1, 2013

about sidda writes.

welcome to sidda writes. i'm lauren.

Hello, & welcome to Sidda Writes! You may have stopped over from my home blog, siddathornton, but if you landed here from avenues other than that, I prompt you to check out that page as well, since it houses my main blog content, which you may be interested in.

Sidda Writes showcases all of my writing, from thoughts, to lists, to trying my hand at compiling a work of fiction, as well as a nonfiction memoir. It has long been a dream of mine to write a novel's worth of fiction, as well as a memoir's worth of nonfiction. This page is going to aid me in that task.

The Fiction section of this blog will focus on the development of what I hope will one day be a published novel. For years, I've had some thoughts bouncing around in my head, asking me to turn them into a story. Herein, you will see my attempts to make that happen.

Similarly, the Memoir section of this blog will play home to some memories & experiences that I'd like to see bound together & turned into a real life book. These entries will provide a window into my past, as well as reflection on that past.

Thoughts posts happen when I simply open a new post & start tapping away. These are raw emotions, raw thoughts, going straight from my fingertips to your screen. This is the kind of blogging I did back in my xanga days, & it's something I - in the past, quite frequently - had realized was missing from my blogging regime. So now, it's here. And it's here to stay.

And finally, if you know anything about me, you'll know that I thrive off of lists. The making of them, the schlicing through of completed items with a highlighter, & the admiration of a completed list at the end of the day. Maybe the lists you'll find here won't be quite the same, but maybe they will. This section of Sidda Writes is one that I think will evolve over the course of time, & I'm excited to both witness & have a hand in that evolution.

So, there you have it. Sidda Writes in a nutshell. I hope you enjoy your time here, & that perhaps reading my words will inspire you to write some of your own. Writing can provide such a profound form of therapy, & I encourage you all to put pen to paper whenever you are able.

As I said before, this isn't the only place you can find me. Please feel free to browse around the entire siddathornton network!

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